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eWeLink’s monthly giveaway – April 2021

eWeLink's monthly giveaway - April 2021

It’s time for a new giveaway organized by eWeLink. This time they are giving away a Sonoff TH16 for 10 winners. Additional they are giving away a 1-year free subscription of eWeLink Advanced.

Everything you need to do is explained on their Facebook post:

eWeLink’s Facebook post about their giveaway in April 2021

Product information

Sonoff TH10: front, left, bottom

Sonoff TH16

Please note: The images are of the Sonoff TH10. The TH16 looks the same except model number, maximum current and maximum power.
  • Monitor temperature and humidity in real-time.
  • Turn a device on or off based on temperature and/or humidity in the auto mode.
  • Create scenes with temperature and humidity as triggers to switch other devices.
  • Supports up to 15A, 3500W.
  • The sensors are not included in the default package and must be purchased separately!

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