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[UPDATE: 10 extra testers] Sonoff is seeking testers for Micro MFG

Sonoff is seeking testers for Micro MFG (update)

Google recently started with their Google Seamless Setup program. Google let manufacturers create products that can be linked directly with the Google Home app without the need of additional apps like eWeLink. The complete pairing process and operating of the device is done without the eWeLink app. Devices that supports this way of operation have the “works with Hey Google / seamless setup with Google Home app” badge. A bit more in-depth story can be read on e.g. this article on the website of The Ambient: So actually this newsitem doesn’t belong at this website. ? But because Sonoff takes the biggest part in the range of eWeLink supported devices and we love Sonoff we decided to report about this topic.

Sonoff wants to bring the Sonoff Micro MFG to the market. MFG stands for “Made For Google”. This is a modified version of the Sonoff Micro. The Sonoff Micro allows you to use automate small USB devices (like an USB light) and is powered by a USB power source like a USB power adapter or powerbank. Before bringing the Sonoff Micro MFG to the market Sonoff is seeking for 10 20 people willing to test the device and providing feedback to Sonoff.

If you like to test the Sonoff Micro MFG and provide that feedback to Sonoff you can apply to become a tester on their Google Forms form: until April 26th 12:00 PM GMT+8. At April 27th 10 people will be chosen and informed to become tester of this new device.


This article has been updated as Sonoff decided to select 20 testers instead of 10 testers due a high amount of applicants. Sonoff will also include an USB light now with the test package.

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