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eWeLink’s Easter Egg hunt

eWeLink published about an Easter Egg hunt that might earn you a great prize: the Sonoff L1 light strip. To participate you have to find the correct links in the correct articles within the eWeLink app. The starting point is Message > Explore > Easter Egg Hunt. We failed to find any clickable links within the mentioned articles, but social media came to the rescue.

eWeLink’s tweet on Twitter about their Easter Egg hunt

Product information

Sonoff L1: General product image

Sonoff L1

  • IP65 water proof 5050 LED light strip
  • Can be easily cut and paste which allows you to mold it to any shape you want or decorate any object you want
  • Default kit can be extended to a limit of 10 meters in total
  • Power adapter included with UK, EU and US standard plugs
  • Infrared remote control included

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