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Sonoff’s DUALR3 got released

Right before Christmas 2020 (on December 21st) we reported Sonoff announced a great new device: the Sonoff DUALR3. It is kind of a mix between the DUALR2 (2-gang power measurement device) and the MINIR2 (input connectors, small form factor). It took a while but today Sonoff released the DUALR3 and it can be ordered on their warehouse website ITEAD: At this moment there is limited stock and so each user is limited to buy only 1 piece. Shipments are based on first come, first served.

We believe the DUALR3 has a great potential to become a favorite product to many. We also wonder what the experiences of the users will be. Please share your reviews on the product page of the Sonoff DUALR3 on our Device lists! If you have gained some experience with the DUALR3!

Product information

Sonoff DUALR3: left, front

Sonoff DUALR3

  • Can be easily built into a switch box behind a normal switch.
  • 2-gang
  • 2 inputs: 2x 2-way possible
  • Can be used in many ways. E.g. as motor controller for blinds, curtains,roller shutters, awnings, etc. But also for lights, switching a device on or off, etc.
  • Can measure / monitor power consumption for both gangs

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