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[UPDATE] eWeLink Pro subscription plan is ‘coming soon’

Update January 5, 2020

After having a chat with eWeLink and also having seen the promotional texts and images about the revamped eWeLink camera app it has become clear that the line “eWeLink Camera” on the new matrix refers to the revamped eWeLink Camera app. It is about the maximum amount of concurrent eWeLink Camera app sessions per account. It does NOT refer to physical eWeLink supported IP cameras.

Original message January 3, 2020

In eWeLink’s documents that are supposed to display somewhere within the eWeLink app someday a new matrix image about their subscription plans did appear. The interesting thing is that it mentions the characteristics of the Pro plan which was planned but not released yet. It doesn’t tell when the Pro plan can be bought but instead it only just says “coming soon”.

The new matrix about the subscription plans seems not to contain much changes compared to the old matrix. The Pro plan now seems to be crystallized and clear about what it contains.

Something else what is new on the matrix for all plans and maybe something to worry about is the line “eWeLink Camera”. It is not clear whether the usage of the eWeLink Camera app, eWeLink camera devices or something else is meant here. If this is a limitation on the amount of eWeLink Camera app installations and/or the amount of eWeLink camera devices then eWeLink needs at least to drastically improve the featureset and stability of both since much users have complaints about that.

News: eWeLink's new subscription plans matrix for 2021
eWeLink’s new subscription plans matrix for 2021

We also updated the Knowledge Base article about the plans with above information: What are the benefits of the eWeLink subscriptions plans?

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