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eWeLink confirms that it is working on app version 5

In a conversation about the upcoming version 4.8.0 release of the eWeLink app eWeLink told it is working on a version 5.

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:01]
[ File: app-google-armeabi-v7a-release-4.7.1.apk ]
V4.8 Beta Support Hebrew

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:01]
[Reply on Lily Caiwen]
That’s the only thing updated in 4.8?

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:02]
No. There are updates on server side, new devices.

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:03]
No other bugs fixed?

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:03]
Mostly for the preparing of V5.X.

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:03]
V5? ?

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:04]
What can we expect of V5 in general? Totally new design? A lot of features implemented? A lot of bugs finally fixed?


Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:06]
[Reply on Jeroen Maathuis]
I don’t know much yet.

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:07]
[Reply on Lily Caiwen]
Based on eWeLink’s Twitter messages it is being released somewhere this month I guess?

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:07]
Or officially announced this month and then released in January?

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:08]
I don‘t think it will be that soon.


Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:11]
Must be other stuff. ?

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:11]

Source: eWeLink official Telegram group, times are in UTC+1

Since version 4 was a complete overhaul compared to version 3 increasing a major version number implies that version 5 will be a complete overhaul again to version 4. But are we right about this? The eWeLink employee wasn’t able to tell which changes will be made at version 5. It is also unknown when version 5 will be ready and released.

Hopefully version 5 will stick to each OS individual design standards, fixes bugs that are reported often, comes with great pairing improvements, comes with great improvement to changing WiFi networks, etc. Or maybe one of the things you filled in at the eWeLink features and bugs survey – November 2020? The article with the results will come soon!

What do you think the biggest changes will be? Let everybody know your thoughts in the comments below!

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