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[CLOSED] eWeLink features and bugs survey – November 2020


This survey is closed now.

Original message:

A lot of you people on social media complain about not hearing something about your feature request or reported bug after a default confirmation of eWeLink. It gives you the feeling the customer is not important to eWeLink. While this might be the case another possible cause is the eWeLink is that busy that they don’t have time to keep you updated about all individual reports. Or didn’t think of a system to share their roadmap.

We as eWeLink community website have seen these complaints and proposed a possible solution to eWeLink to address this feeling of their customers. They said they currently are very busy but will think about this.

In the mainwhile we came up with the idea to gather the most requested features and most reported bugs on social media, create a survey about it and try to understand what features and bugs should get the most priority. We invite you to fill in the survey (hosten by Google Forms) below. Please be fair with your judgement how much priority a feature or bug should get!

This time the survey is mainly to test the survey system but if it performs quite well and enough people will fill in the form we will try to organize all gathered data into a nice article with the outcome of the survey. Thank you for your co-operation!

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