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[UPDATE] Loosing the names of Zigbee devices all the time? A fix is on its way!


Sonoff confirmed that a firmware update for the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge is on its way. The current firmware version is 1.1.0. Firmware 1.2.0 will get released somewhere these days and should fix the issue of loosing the names of the Zigbee devices all the time.

Original message

We see a lot of reports of people who loses the names of their Zigbee devices from time to time. Alhough not all users seem to be confronted by the issue but the many reports on social media about this issue aren’t a few either.

Some (including ourselfs) already thought it is caused by a firmware issue of the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge since the Zigbee devices do work correctly when paired to other brands Zigbee Bridges. Another cause might have been the eWeLink app ofcourse.

Facebook users Javier Salazar Kaemena and Peter Uka both confirmed on the eWeLink & Sonoff User Group to have received an explanation of eWeLink about this issue:

Javier Salazar Kaemena
Peter Uka lost of names is going to be corrected with the next firmware update, ewelink suport told me that.

Peter Uka
Javier Salazar Kaemena yes so they told me too. Thing is this surly is a server side issue rather than firmware and has been ongoing for over 6 months now

Source: eWeLink & Sonoff User Group, December 5th, 2020, 02:53 (UTC+1)

Then Peter Uka shared the reply he received from eWeLink:

Javier Salazar Kaemena confirmed he received the same message:

Javier Salazar Kaemena
Jeroen Maathuis for me it was exactly the same response.

Source: eWeLink & Sonoff User Group, December 6th, 2020, 00:15 (UTC+1)

So appearantly it indeed is a firmware issue with the Sonoff Zigbee Bridge and Sonoff is working on a firmware update to fix this issue. Unfortunately there is no eastimated release date known for this firmware update but we will try to gather more information on that.

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