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All items below are improvements as suggested by the user satyam. Many thanks for your feedback, satyam!

  • New default background for header and footer.
  • New default news featured image. Featured images (and so this default one for news too) are always being displayed as background art the header and footer. Example at the article Give your opinion on the features of the eWeLink app: usefulness and desired ones.
  • Made the background of the footer darker so that we were able to remove the white blocks behind the footer widgets.
  • Aligned submenu items of the primary menu on the top to the left.
  • Images on the news archive page are aligned to the left. Although we still need to find a solution that doesn’t require changing the theme but still allows us to make every picture with the same width or at least align all texts at the same position from the left.
  • Real list items instead of Font Awesome icons on the App releases pages’ infoboxes.
  • Fixed a few typo’s.
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