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Pairing of my eWeLink supported device seems to fail. What should I do?

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First of all: be sure that you are only connected to WiFi. If you have cellular data enabled or have enabled automatic switching between cellular data and WiFi please temporary turn cellular data completely off. You can enable it again after paring.

Also be asured that your phone / tablet is connected to a 2.4 GHz network. Sometimes it is necessary to temporarily disable your 5 GHz network to accomplish that. Another solution is to provide the 5 GHz network another SSID (network name) than the SSID your 2.4 GHz network has. Although you might miss some speed benefits of having the same SSID for both frequency bands.

If you get an error at the end of the pairing the erorr screen usually shows an error code which can be of greatfull help to determine the correct solution for the pairing issue. Check “Error codes during pairing of a device” for advises for each pairing error code.

For more information on this pairing topic you can have a look at the Help & feedback section on the Profile pane at the eWeLink app.

We also recommend you to read this very informative document:

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