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On IFTTT dropdown lists for eWeLink devices are empty

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Empty dropdown lists on IFTTT for eWeLink devices can have several causes:

  • You don’t have a supported device for the trigger/action you chose.
  • There was an error in the communication between IFTTT and eWeLink.
  • There was an error with the link to your eWeLink account.
  • You have a very old link between IFTTT and eWeLink and don’t have the required subscriptions.

Below are suggested steps to take to solve the issue.

Empty dropdown lists with eWeLink on IFTTT
Empty dropdown lists with eWeLink on IFTTT.
Source: Kenz Chin @ eWeLink & sonoff User Group @ Facebook

Device not supported for the trigger/action you chose

  • Check whether the device is accessable within the eWeLink app. If it is displayed as offline third parties like IFTTT might not be able to access it and display it.
  • Try other category types at the eWeLink service on IFTTT. E.g.: When you connected a light to a plug (like the Sonoff S26R2) you might have mistakenly chosen Light turned on or off instead of 1-Channel Plug turned on or off. You might find the device in another category than you first thought.
  • When you can’t find the device in any category at eWeLink on IFTTT then the product probably doesn’t support IFTTT.

Error in communication between IFTTT and eWeLink

  • If possible: check whether other third party services are able to communicate with eWeLink to asure only the communication between IFTTT and eWeLink is affected.
  • Wait for a while. Mostly these kind of issues will be solved automatically within a few hours.

There was an error with the link to your eWeLink account

  • if this is the case IFTTT mostly informes you about that in several ways and tells you how to correct it.
  • If you didn’t get any warnings you might try to unlink and re-link your eWeLink account to IFTTT.

Old link between IFTTT and eWeLink, no paid subscriptions

At the beginning of 2020 IFTTT started to charge their customers (eWeLink, Tuya and many other smarthome platforms) in another more expensive way. eWeLink needed to charge for the use of IFTTT. After a short while IFTTT also decided to charge users directly. Nowadays you need a subscription of both to be able to use IFTTT. Old links may cause empty lists while creating new applets or editing old ones.

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