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ITEAD teases Sonoff M5 physical switch

Sonoff M5 teaser: header background
Sonoff M5 teaser. Source: Sonoff Facebook page. Edit by: eWeLink Community Website

Yesterday ITEAD posted a teasing image of the new M5 physical switch on their Sonoff brand Facebook page. Many people liked to see a physical switch from the trustworthy Sonoff brand but so far only lesser known brands came up with such switches.

The upcoming release of this M5 switch doesn’t come as a total surprise. While the Kickstarter campaign for the Sonoff NSPanel did run we could all see we were able to order addons along with the Sonoff NSPanel on Kickstarter. One of those addons was a black switch, but it came without any description and so far we didn’t know any product name or specifications. Due the teaser of ITEAD we now know the device has te name “M5”. What we already did know from the Sonoff NSPanel Kickstarter campaign was the discounted price for the M5 switch:

Sonoff M5 teaser: discounted price at Kickstarter campaign for Sonoff NSPanel
Discounted price of the Sonoff M5 at the Kickstarter campaign for Sonoff NSPanel. Source: Kickstarter

Based on this overview we can try to guess the estimated retail price. We used the formula: ( discounted price / (100percentage off ) ) x 100. With this formula and rounding to nice looking prices we think this could be the final retail price:


Ofcourse ITEAD could decide to make the price difference bigger.

We hope to see more details about this product soon.

By the way… Now you are here… Maybe you are interested in reading our exclusive extensive review about the Sonoff NSpanel above? Click here to see that review!

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