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[UPDATE] Sonoff released new RF PIR sensor PIR3-RF

Sonoff PIR3-RF announcement
Sonoff PIR3-RF announcement

Earlier today Sonoff announced a new device for their range RF devices: The Sonoff PIR3-RF. Sonoff didn’t share any detailed specifications yet but looking at the image they shared it seems that it support a “movement mode” and a “no movement mode”. Also the joint seems to be improved. They did share the announcement on their Facebook page:

The Sonoff PIR3-RF wil become available very soon at their webshop ITEAD. After that moment we will add the device soon to our Device lists.


Today (Thursday 12 November 2020) on Facebook Sonoff launched the PIR3-RF:

We have added it to our Device lists:

Product information

Sonoff PIR3-RF: front, right

Sonoff PIR3-RF

  • 433.92 MHz PIR sensor (Infrared movement detection)
  • 2 working modes:
    • Alert mode: triggers alarm every 5 seconds at movement
    • Normal mode: triggers alarm every 60 seconds at movement
  • Detection range:
    • Width: 100 degrees
    • Distance: 8 meters

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