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eWeLink email newsletter November 2020

eWeLink has send out an e-mail newsletter yesterday (November 27th, 2020) with information about what has changed in eWeLink 4.7.0. Also easy linking with Alexa and getting the explanation of pairing error codes and the new Sonoff PIR3-RF are featured.

Not subscribed to the e-mail newsletter yet? You can do it within the eWeLink app. You can read how to do that in this KB article: Does eWeLink have a newsletter? How can I subscribe to the eWeLink Newsletter?

Want to know the exact changelog of eWeLink 4.7.0? Have a look at our App releases pages.

Below we tried to recreate the content of the newsletter.

eWeLink support logo

Dear eWeLink user,
This month we have some great updates and surprises you deserve.

What’s new in eWeLink V4.7

eWeLink Monthly newsletter - November 2020: eWeLink 4.7

The new version V4.7 includes some subtle yet significant changes. These changes make relevant smart home gadgets easier to use, saving your time and effort. Small changes can make a great difference.

  • You can now control a remote control switch, RM 2.4Ghz switch with a tap-to-perform scene.
  • Shared users are able to check the notifications and logs of the WiFi door sensor, SONOFF DW2.
  • You can check the logs of an RF bridge dating back to three months ago now.

eWeLink Monthly newsletter - November 2020: Bind Alexa in 3 seconds

Link with Alexa in 3 secs

Linking with Alexa has become as easy as tapping icons. No more password entry. No more account remembering.

Learn How »

eWeLink Monthly newsletter - November 2020: Crack codes

Crack the unseen codes

When pairing fails, you can find an error code such as ‘6101’ beside the ‘pairing failed’ error message. What does it mean? Let’s delve into the error codes and crack the codes of pairing failure.

Crack Now »

eWeLink Monthly newsletter - November 2020: Sonoff PIR3-RF

New eWeLink Support Product
SONOFF PIR3-RF motion sensor is released. First batch, only sold 1000 pcs in ITEAD.
Can be used for a hidden corner to detect the suspicious movement, also light the way in front of you when you enters your house.
Two modes that the alert and normal mode allow you to set the safety anti-burglar system or smart scene for different occasions.

Now exclusive special offer for eWelink users, buy 2 get 10% off with coupon code”SNEWPIR3″, valid until Dec 31 Shop Now »

eWeLink Monthly newsletter - November 2020: Sonoff sale

Best sale of eWeLink ecosystem
Double surprises on SONOFF best sale of the year: Up to 35% OFF + Extra $9 OFF $99 for SONOFF smart home products, valid until Dec 31!
Time is ticking, so act fast!Shop Now »

Product information

Sonoff DW2

Sonoff DW2-WiFi

WiFi door/window sensor. No need for a RF bridge. Directly communicates with your WiFi router / accesspoint.
Sonoff RF Bridge - Front, top and right side

Sonoff RF Bridge

Makes plenty of your 433 MHz RF devices part of your eWeLink smarthome network.
Sonoff PIR3-RF: front, right

Sonoff PIR3-RF

  • 433.92 MHz PIR sensor (Infrared movement detection)
  • 2 working modes:
    • Alert mode: triggers alarm every 5 seconds at movement
    • Normal mode: triggers alarm every 60 seconds at movement
  • Detection range:
    • Width: 100 degrees
    • Distance: 8 meters

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