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App Store changelog

1. App:

  • Support HomeKit
  • Added ability to share devices with friends via WhatsApp now
  • A new feature that allows you to select manual scenes to show on homepage
  • Optimized homepage visual effect
  • Improved pairing experience

2. Device features:

  • Supported voice assistants were added to device settings for quick setup and instructions
  • Fixed known issues

eWeLink app documentation

  • Display of temperature and humidity of TH10/16 on homepage of app.
  • Add email address to a phone number account. This important for being able to upgrade a phone number account with an eWeLink VIP Subscription (eWeLink Advanced).
  • Sharing devices via WhatsApp.
  • Notifications deviced into 4 categories (so far we see no change at the notification section of the eWeLink app).
  • Overview of availability of devices in voice assistance. Icons at the device settings page are shortcuts to setup instructions.

Source: eWeLink app > Message > Guide

Discovered by the community

  • Shortcuts to manual scenes and bar with rooms doesn’t stay at top anymore while scrolling through the devices at the homepage of the app.

Released at

August 4, 2021

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