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eWeLink 4.17 for iOS allows sharing of complete home in the app (including scenes!)

eWeLink has a feature to use a scene as a Siri shortcut so that it allows you to operate devices from within Siri. Without doubt the biggest frustration for users with that system was the inability to use scenes on more than 1 device. This because of the fact you can use your account on only one device at the same time and you can’t share scenes. On Android there was no real need to share scenes apart from giving family members the ability to co-maintain device settings and scenes. Today eWeLink announced sharing to family members will become easier.

Starting from eWeLink 4.17.0 for iOS (released today) and eWeLink 4.18.0 for Android (yet to release at the beginning of December 2021) eWeLink now allows you to share your whole home to others. This will allow the other to maintain all settings of your devices and yes… also scenes! eWeLink explains in this document how to share your whole home:

The documentation seem to be incomplete as it doesn’t describe how the receiver of the shared home gets to know that a home was shared to him/her. The documentation also doesn’t tell whether scenes are reusable for Siri shortcuts, how big the sharing limitation is (eWeLink told us it is limited) and whether you can restrict what can be managed and what not. So far eWeLink told me everything of a home gets shared without being able to restrict something. At last eWeLink was able to make clear to me that the sharing of a home is apart from the individual (limited) device sharing.

As the maintainers of this website are Android users we have to wait for eWeLink 4.18.0 for Android to arrive to try out this new feature. In the meanwhile we are curious for the experiences of iOS users with this new feature. Please let us know in the comments how you experience the sharing of complete homes. ?

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