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eWeLink Web v2.3.0 improvements

A few days ago eWeLink announced they have released version 2.3.0 of eWeLink Web: the webbased version of eWeLink. eWeLink Web can be used to control devices and scenes from any webbrowser on any device on the world.

Changes in eWeLink Web 2.3.0

These are the changes eWeLink shared with the public:

  • Create and edit scenes now possible
  • Download historical data of power measurement devices
  • Receive device status change notifications of more devices

Requirements to use eWeLink Web

If you want to use eWeLink Web you will need to purchase an eWeLink VIP subscription, e.g. eWeLink Advanced. You can do that on or in-app (Profile > Upgrade for more features). The latter option works for both the Android and iOS versions of the eWeLink app.

eWeLink’s Facebook post about the improvements in eWeLink Web v2.3.0

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