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eWeLink asks for input for a keyboard controlled desktop application

Creative automation

At the end of December we have seen a message on Twitter from someone who managed to control some of his eWeLink supported devices with shortcuts on his Windows PC. Unfortunately we can’t find the tweets anymore but in short it worked like this:

  • Shortcut opens batch file.
  • Batch file executes CURL command.
  • CURL command requests IFTTT Webhook URL.
  • Webhook URL triggers IFTTT applet.
  • IFTTT applet triggers eWeLink device command.

Because it uses CURL it wil on several other operating systems too that supports the creating of batch-a-like files like bash files on Linux.

eWeLink translated the demonstration and tweets of that Twitter user into a tutorial document and published it at

PC application

eWeLink explains on their Facebook post that it is exploring the possibilities to create a PC application to operate your devices with keyboard shortcuts without the need to use IFTTT with webhooks. To get some inspiration they ask you to fill in their Google Forms form at

Facebook post of eWeLink with a request for input on an keyboard controlled desktop application.

It seems that eWeLink unfortunately is not thinking about a complete port of their Android / iOS app to Windows / Mac OS / Linux. We would advise to make a complete multi-platform desktop application.

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