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eWeLink supports the brand new Alexa Energy Dashboard

Amazon Alexa has a brand new feature called “Alexa Energy Dashboard” which has been launched yesterday, Sunday 13 December 2020. It allows you to track power usage with the help of supported devices. eWeLink proudly announced to provide support for this feature for some of the eWeLink supported devices:

Only a very few devices supports the feature

At the announcement eWeLink included a link to their website with more information: At this website you can read that support currently only is available to the Sonoff S31, Sonoff S31 Lite and the Sonoff IW100.

Let’s hope the list of supported devices will grow rapidly.

Product information

Sonoff IW100

Sonoff IW100

Energy monitoring and controlling of an attached device directly from the outlet. No additional plug between the outlet and plug needed.

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