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Security improvements and Twitter account

Aaaaaand we’re back! We had an WordPress attack. And right before and after that attack issues with connecting from our website to SSL secured other websites. With the tremendous help of our webhosting sponsor Ghiyath we got our website back online.

Hopefully such attack won’t happen again but it got us thinking how we could make the website less attractive to attack. This resulted in some new security improvements. We won’t share the exact details but you might experience some of them some day.

Twitter account

Because of the attack we also thought of how to communicate to our website visitors in case of emergency. We thought having a Twitter account will be a good solution. If we have an outage of the website, we have the details about it and we want to share it with you we now can do that on our Twitter account.

We also linked our new Twitter account to the website for automatically posting links to new or updated items on our website.

Our Twitter account is:


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