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eWeLink e-mail newsletter July 2020

eWeLink has send out a e-mail newsletter today July 27th, 2020 with some interesting news about the upcoming 4.4 release. 4.4. will have great improvements for scenes. They also invite you to fill out a survey form to let them know which new features you would like to see and which existing features should be improved.

Not subscribed to the e-mail newsletter yet? You can do it within the eWeLink app. You can read how to do that in this KB article: Does eWeLink have a newsletter? How can I subscribe to the eWeLink Newsletter?

Below is the most important content of the newsletter we tried to recreate here. We left out the recommended products section:

eWeLink support logo

Whats New in V4.3

  • Widget is back.
    Create a widget on the screen of your Android phone so you can access it anytime.
  • Siri shortcut is here.
    Say a phrase to Siri to trigger a scene.
  • Hassle-free account linking
    Link with Alexa or Google home without entering credential.
  • Alexa CFH device supported
    CFH certified devices do not require in-app adding.
eWeLink new in 4.3
eWeLink plans for 4.4

Our plans for 4.4

Huge changes will happen to scene feature

  • Multiple conditions for scenes. Execute a scene when any or all conditions are met.
  • Delay as condition
  • Scene as trigger and condition
  • Add multiple devices simultaneously

We would appreciate your kind suggestions for new features.

eWeLink featured in Alexa Live

On July 22, Amazon hosted its annual Alexa Live voice developer event for Alexa skill builders, device makers, and business leaders. In the event, Alexa team played a video recorded by eWeLink team and demonstrated the app-to-app account linking feature with the eWeLink app.

eWeLink on Alexa Live

Last call

From May 31, IFTTT has been a part of the eWeLink advanced subscription plan. To continue to use IFTTT, you will need to upgrade your eWeLink account to the advanced plan($9.9/year). Otherwise, your account will be disconnected from IFTTT anytime soon. Click here to upgrade your account.

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