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Why does eWeLink report empty batteries for the Sonoff DW2 WiFi door sensor while I’ve put in full batteries?

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KB: Bug empty batteries Sonoff DW2 while batteries are full
Example of the issue. Batteries are displayed as empty while user placed full batteries.
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eWeLink confirmed this is a bug which will be fixed in eWeLink version 4.8 (to be expected in December 2020, see Releases Page):

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:01]
[ File: app-google-armeabi-v7a-release-4.7.1.apk ]
V4.8 Beta Support Hebrew

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:01]
[Antwer to Lily Caiwen]
That’s the only thing updated in 4.8?

Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:02]
No. There are updates on server side, new devices.

Jeroen Maathuis, [04.12.20 11:03]
No other bugs fixed?


Lily Caiwen, [04.12.20 11:06]
Fixed a bug of DW2 that reported low battery when the battery is full.

Source: eWeLink official Telegram group

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