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How can I get in contact with the manufacturer of my device?

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If you have a hardware failure of your eWeLink supported device, have a feature suggestion for your device or want to propose a new type of device you will need to contact the manufacturer of your eWeLink supported device. And that can be…. Well… A hassle.

Why is contacting a device manufacturer a hassle?

Most device manufacturers of eWeLink compatible devices do only have a store on seller platforms like AliExpress, Amazon and eBay. But there are a lot of copycats too with misleading store names. So finding the correct store that belongs to the manufacturer of your eWeLink compatible device isn’t an easy task. We never found any useful contact information for most manufacturers / brands.

For which manufacturers / brands do you have contact information?

These are the contact details we have found so far:

Manufacturer / brandContact details
SonoffSign up and/or login at and create a ticket.
EachenE-mail to .

What if I have a device of another manufacturer / brand?

The best thing to do first is to contact the seller of the product where you bought your device. Otherwise try to use a search machine like Google to find any contact details of the manufacturer / brand of your eWeLink compatible device. Otherwise we believe there are no other solutions left.

If you found any contact details for manufacturers / brands not mentioned above, then please let us know on our contact form!


To get in contact with eWeLink have a look at this Knowledge Base article: How can I get in contact with eWeLink?

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