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When will widgets come back to the Android version of the eWeLink app?

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Widgets are back since eWeLink 4.3.0 for Android. Currently mostly devices with one on / off button are supported. Other devices do get widget support in the future.

Widgets will be improved in eWeLink 4.6 which will be released in October 2020.

At first improved widgets were planned for 4.5:

Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:15] Which features can we expect in 4.5 (…)? ?
Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:16] Or will it be mainly a bugfix release?

Lily Caiwen, [20.08.20 13:17] Timer, widgets.
Lily Caiwen, [20.08.20 13:17] Not many. A few sentences.

Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:17] Timer already exists.
Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:17] And as for the widgets: I guess new sizes / features?

Lily Caiwen, [20.08.20 13:18] Yep.

Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:18] Nice. ?

Lily Caiwen, [20.08.20 13:18] Timer related features.

Jeroen Maathuis, [20.08.20 13:20] We will see. ?

Source: eWeLink Translators group on Telegram, screenshot shared by @Joennuh at eWeLink official Telegram group

But it got delayed:

Lily Caiwen, [03.09.20 11:13] [ File : app-google-armeabi-v7a-release-4.4.2.apk ] eWeLink 4.5 Beta 1. Bulk Timer Edit 2. Google APP Flip 3. Support Ukrainian language

Jeroen Maathuis, [03.09.20 11:19] Does it already have more Widget features?

Lily Caiwen, [03.09.20 11:27] No unfortunately it got delayed.

Source: eWeLink official Telegram group

And it got delayed again since eWeLink 4.6.0 doesn’t show any improvement to the widgets:

Jeroen Maathuis, [19.10.20 16:53] [Answer to Lily Caiwen]

Lily Back at September 3rd you said improved Android Widget features where delayed. I also don’t have seen any improvement to the Android widgets in eWeLink 4.6.0. Is there any new ETA of improved widgets?

Source: eWeLink official Telegram group

We haven’t received any ETA for the improved widgets yet.

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