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Official App Store changelog

  • App feature updates
    • Support for scene feature on Zigbee light
    • Added effective periods for the auto mode of TH devices
    • Fixed some known issues

Release date: April 27th, 2021

From the documentation


  • New features for the Sonoff TH10 & TH16
    • Effective period for auto mode
    • Change WiFi network at the device settings
  • New features for the RF Bridge
    • Use RF remote buttons as trigger (originally these could only be used for actions)
    • Change WiFi network ar the device settings
    • LAN mode support


From the first experiences shared by users the improvements do not show up at every eWeLink 4.11 installation. Even with the latest firmware. At this moment of writing (May 22nd, 2021) the Sonoff TH10/16 devices seem to need a firmware update to 3.5.0 which seem to be not yet available.

Also the LAN mode for the RF bridge seem to don’t work properly. Additionally the LAN mode for the RF bridge is not very usable as the RF bridge is most usable in combination with scenes, but scenes do not work without an active internet connection.

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