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Existing previewers: Please skip to Latest notes below.
New previewers: Please start reading at Welcome to the preview version of the new eWeLink community webite! below.

Welcome to the preview version of the new
eWeLink community website!

You are one of the very few people who can view this website. I hope you will like the new website.

Original this website started at but as Google sites don’t provide much styling options and its editor is slow when editing the long FAQ page I decided to start a new website on

The original plan was to maintain the eWeLink community website together with NeoMod (user on the official eWeLink Telegram group) but since he is very busy as medic in a hospital Italy to take care of Corona patiënts I decided to take care on my own for the eWeLink community website. NeoMod can join later when the Corona virus is not keeping him that busy anymore. NeoMod doesn’t like to have his name exposed and thus I don’t mention his name.

As you can see the website is under construction right now and subject to changes. Some functionality might work, some might not. Also you might receive some unintended e-mails from this website while configuring and testing. You can view the changelog of the website on the Changelog page.

Apart from all this try to use the website in the way you normally would do. If you have any feedback you can reach me on all channels you know me on or by e-mail at .

Kind regards,
Jeroen Maathuis (Joennuh)

Latest notes

November 9th, 2020 15:17 (GMT+1)

We are now really close to the official launch of this new website. My plan is to release the site to the public around Thursday February 12th afternoon or at Friday February 13th at midnight (00:01). Both are local Dutch times (GMT+1). The exact moment depends a little bit on further negotiations with Sonoff.

Sonoff does help me with a giveaway at the launch of the new website with great prizes! You may have already noticed some giveaway placeholders. It might happen that you see some more detailed texts and images about the upcoming giveaway. I ask you to keep this secret and only use public available resources.

A giveaway wth eWeLink will start later on.

A link to this previewers page will disappear. The page itself might disappear too but maybe I decide to keep it available for a while. In the later case it becomes handy to bookmark this page.

I thank you all for your support during the build time of this website! If you want to keep helping: I probably will need some moderators, editors, etc. Do not hestitate to contact me for your offer!

September 7th, 2020 00:15 (GMT+2)

As we are getting close to a public release we moved this previewers information to a separate page to let the homepage look like as much as we want it in the final release.

Before we release the website the current main focus points on our todo are:

At the final release we won’t have all products included on our Device lists. Completing the Device Lists is time consuming. Any help is appreciated but you should take into account that this task is time consuming and precise. Use the Contact form or any social media you know Joennuh on to discuss your offer to help.

To see a more detailed overview of all changes applied to the website please have a look at the Website changelogs.

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