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Where do eWeLink supported devices save what data and what are (dis)advantages of that?

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The information in this article is based op experiences of the community and very little on official documentation. If you found any official documentation please let us know on our Contact form!

Cloud based configuration settings

Most configuration settings of eWeLink compatible devices are cloud-based configuration settings. Some are totally cloud-based and some are partly cloud-based. WiFi credentials are mainly the only configuration settings that are not stored on the cloud and thus only on the eWeLink compatible device.

When the device has correctly configured WiFi credentials it loads its settings from the cloud. The device sends its Device ID (an unique identifier for each device) to the servers of eWeLink and the servers send back the configuration settings. The advantage of this is that most of the configuration can be easily adjusted from anywhere. The disadvantage is that it requires an active internet configuration to load and configure those settings. So if there was a power outage and the internet connection doesn’t get restored the device won’t perform actions that requires cloud based configuration settings! More details are below.


The most important settings for eWeLink compatible devices are the WiFi credentials. Without it the device can’t reach the internet for any further configuration. You configure the WiFi credentials (SSID / network name and passphrase / WiFi password) by pairing the device with the eWeLink app. After that the eWeLink compatible device has the WiFi credentials stored for always in its internal permanent memory unless you re-pair the device with new WiFi credentials. So if there was an power outage the eWeLink supported device still knows how to connect to your WiFi network.

Schedules, timers, loop timers

Most older eWeLink supported devices have 8 slots to save schedules, timers and loop timers. Most newer devices have 16 slots. This data is being saved in the cloud and loaded into the internal working memory of the eWeLink compatible device when the device is correctly connected to the internet.

When there is no internet connection the schedules, timers and loop timers keep on working because this data is loaded in the internal working memory of the device. BUT when there is also a power outage the eWeLink supported device will loose the data stored in its internal working memory. To restore these data the device needs to connect to the cloud on the internet to fetch these data and save it to its internal memory. After that the schedules, timers and loop timers will continue to work.


Scenes are stored and executed on the cloud too. So when you don’t have a working internet connection scenes won’t work.

Power-on state

This setting is saved at the internal permanent memory of the eWeLink supported device and thus takes immediately in effect as soon as you power the device.

Network indicator

We didn’t test this setting. It appears to be saved at the internal permament memory of the eWeLink supported device. If you are know for sure: let us know at our Contact form!

LAN Control

The setting it self is controlled from the cloud but the setting is saved to the internal permanent memory of the eWeLink supported device so that you can always locally control your devices which support LAN control.


We didn’t try out this setting. If someone knows for sure how this setting is handled then please let us know on our Contact form!

Other settings

There are no other important settings to mention here. If you are missing settings here please let us know at our Contact form. If you know how those missing settings are handled that would be even fantastic!

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